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Picture Framing
What is Conversation Framing?

'Conservation framing' is a term used to describe the use of materials and techniques which provide protection to framed works of art, textiles or other objects. The mount and frame should be selected not just to protect but to enhance a picture or object. Sadly, some mounting and framing techniques not only fail to protect, but are potentially damaging to works of art.

What is Bespoke Framing?

Bespoke essentially means ‘made to order’ and for us as framers it means making a unique frame and mount specifically for your artwork, print, photo or memorabilia.

Who does your Framing?

All framing is carried out on the premises by our trained staff. We do not sub-contract it to anyone else.

Can I order Bespoke Frames from your Website?

No, we do not sell bespoke frames online. We believe that consultation and discussion is required in order to arrive at the best solution for you. The wood finish, the mount texture and the rendering of colours is hard to render accurately online and we prefer that you come and visit us.

What is Print & Frame?

Print & frame is the term we use to describe our printing and framing service. If you have a photograph that needs restored, enlarged or some other form of digital manipulation then we can do that, print the result and then frame it as well. A one stop shop.

We cannot copy or print copyright images without the written permission of the copyright holder.

Can you fit my oil painting on stretcher bars?

We can both provide stretcher bars and stretch your canvas or oil painting before fitting it to the other framework.

Can you frame my Tapestry?

We frame a range of textiles including tapestries, cross stitch, samplers and more.

See also ‘What is lacing below’.

What is Lacing?

Lacing is something that we do to help square up a textile before framing. It normally involves pinning the material to an acid free surface such as foam board. The pins are normally removed after the lacing has been completed

The pinning helps to square the object, which is then laced behind the board to keep the textile in position prior to adding a mount. Sometimes this is also referred to a stretching.

Box Framing / Shadow Boxes / Memorabilia Frames
Do you frame medals?

Yes, we do frame medals but you may also want to consider adding photos or other personal details, so that your knowledge as the owner is there to pass onto future generations and help tell the story.

Do you frame Sports Shirts?

We frame a range of sports shirts, polo shirts and other sports memorabilia. They deserve to be framed and mounted with care because they are something that has sentimental or monetary value. Even more so if they are signed and they may also increase in value.

We never use tape, adhesive or staples. Shirts are also mounted away from the glass to allow the circulation of air within the frame.

Mounts (Matts)
Can you draw wash lines on a mount?

Yes, we can draw wash lines or paint a wash onto a mount and do this on a regular basis. We do this particularly if we are replacing a mount in an old frame where the owner wants to retain a similar look to the original but may be replacing it because of staining or acid burn.

What is a Mount (or Matt)?

A mount is the cardboard surround, border or edge seen around the outside edge of a photo, painting or print. We only use white core, conservation or cotton rag mount board, which one is used depends on the object being framed.

I have broken the glass in my frame, can you fit new glass?

We cut and fit replacement glass and this can also provide the opportunity for the customer to consider other glazing options, such as conservation or ultraviolet protection glass.

Is putting something in direct contact with glass a bad idea?

In the wrong conditions temperature fluctuations can cause condensation damage, causing ink or colours to bleed, smudging watercolours or softening the emulsion/coating on your photograph causing it to stick to the glass. It can also promote discolouration, damp stains and possibly mildew growth.

Whatever is being framed we always recommend it is kept away from the glass.

Any other Questions?

If there is something you would like answered please send us a question via our contact page.

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